Friday, 9 August 2013


Assalamualaikum and annyeonghaseyo ~
Now i will wrote about me ~ My full name is SitiNurHazwanie but i use Appyd as my identity on SNS :D
I am kpopper since 2009 and now my Official Fandom is Babys and Melody ~ But i am part time as multifandom.
I am muslim as you can seen from my Name. But sometimes i am perv fangirl but not too much -_-
I like cute stuff such as Rillakuma and plushie ^^ i like hello kitty as well but not too much.

                                                   ZELO ~ NAEKKOYA !
I like cute guys more than Macho or handsome guys. Easy to say i don’t have a lust with handsome guy. LOL

I like color that are bright. I Am Short tempered thats also mean im easily annoyed.
I like seafood but i hate spicy food as much i hate kpop antis.
My hobby is Dancing and reading . I am 97 liners ^^

 Ok thats all .. By u Olls xD 

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